Tuesday, June 1, 2010

back from the big city; a baby and a saint

well, the trip to new york offered an amazing array of characters to collect in photographs... an ideal way to begin this project... and then it was back to nashville??? how would i situate myself in this old hometown with this new and exciting project? well, it started off with some of the folks quite close to me... an in-law and a neighbor. mentally, it was a challenging process to now have to hunt smarter for my subject. i have a routine here, with work, family, etc., so the people that i see on a daily basis are thousands far fewer than the streets of nyc offered... i would have to make some adjustments; i am still working on those. so, about a month ago i saw a very pregnant woman in my neighbors' driveway; catty-corner across the street... i was curious because it kind of looked like my neighbor, but not convincingly. a week later, my wife got an email that "neighbor" was pregnant... evidently, the winter had been long, and, maybe, we are not as close as suspected with the neighbors. well, she gave birth to a boy two days before my birthday... and now she is proud and tired. he, the baby, is now the boss.
the silver haired gentleman pictured here is a wonderful example of a "perfect gentleman;" i am a lucky man to get to learn some things from him. i think he sort-of looks like a saint in this photo, without all the props (like keys, birds, etc.) oh, and he has been on the brink of death at least twice; he is very grateful for LIFE.

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