Sunday, June 13, 2010

goodness, goodness, and more goodness

i went to my in-laws new lake-house for memorial day weekend... and all i brought back for this project was a very charming 5 year old girl and a nephew-in-law. again, i am plenty pleased with what these beautiful people have added to this collection. i did discover that even if you swallow a baby tooth with a piece of candy, you can still collect at least one dollar for the loss of said tooth. unbeknownst (i think that that may be the first time that i have ever typed that word,) to my nephew-in-law, his mother had asked me to try to get some photos of him at the lake... he is not given to posing for photos, at all. but, for this project he was very willing, and i was even able to coax some smiles and laughs out of him... he may look like a gentle teddy bear, but he can be a tough one to budge. the last photo is the savior from "the night of four no's;" i might owe him something. i love us.

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