Wednesday, June 30, 2010

- holy, holy.

it was a hot saturday afternoon, and i was at a coffeeshop with my journal and an iced soy chai latte... writing about my recent thoughts on my photography business. in comes a couple that looks like they have been on their motorcycles all day, and i immediately hope that he is not a grumbly, hardcore biker looking for some reason to snap, "NO!" at somebody... because i want to approach him for the portrait of the day. turns out, he and his lady friend had just ridden up from Pulaski (i believe,) where they were sharing the gospel with people down there; they ride for christ. evidently, he gives a lot of time to service work for god and humankind, and he, like me, enjoys a cold, sugary, silly-named coffee shop drink. he was gentle as they come... but i still would likely be afraid to cross him.
the beautiful woman with the magenta highlighted hair is also giving praise to god... this time on a sunday. i had just left the studio, and i passed a street that has a tiny church nestled right between some warehouse buildings... and there they were. there were probably six people in the parking lot, and i saw bursts of royal blue, chartreuse, and magenta... sunday's best. it was my intention to get chartreuse, but magenta was the first in line. she wanted me to photograph her nieces, but, i told her that her hair highlights and gold suit were perfect for the portrait, and then she did not at all seem interested in objecting to my request... quite the opposite. she moved, bowed sideways, raised a praise, and beamed with delight. amen.

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