Thursday, March 31, 2011

deep in the middle of heaven

i have not posted here in over a week, and it sends a couple of messages to me that i will refrain from sharing with you (just to keep some things a mystery.) anyway, the project is still rolling along at it's usual pace: one portrait a day and some blogging every week (usually.) i am still posting on photos taken in october, and the span of time between the two does seem to have some effect on my blogging. it would be nice to be up to speed and posting on the photos that i am now shooting, but that's just not the case... and october still has much beauty to offer. so, here we go, and we will start with the freshest of faces, a little girl that is only a couple of months old, and deep in the middle of heaven. that really is "heaven on earth," cuddled up, sleepy, in the bosom (and i don't mean "breasts," i mean the loving care and protection.) of a loving momma. i'm pretty sure that when i die, it is not "streets of gold," that i will want, but one eternal swaddle in the bosom of "heaven."

Monday, March 21, 2011

accidental El Greco

the color photo here reminds me of the paintings by El Greco. if you are not familiar with him, i will share with you that most of the people in his work take the subtle shape of a flame... it is symbolic of the spirit, and it is a beautiful way to represent the human being (in my opinion.) this mother of a client of mine struck that pose most likely without being aware of the historical art figures tendency; perfect "accident." besides that, i am quite fond of her for the lines on her face, as they tell the world, "i am real."

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

art reception royalty

if you have ever been to an art opening in nashville, it is highly likely that you have seen this man. he is a circuit regular, and he knows his art. he is the sort of person that in fifty years, when someone is looking back at nashville art opening photographs, he will be in the background of hundreds of pictures... talking to other art lovers, and likely snacking on art opening food and drink. it was my intention to photograph the exhibiting artist on this particular evening, but this artist was evidently not in the mood to have a photo taken... and i thought that i would be doing her a favor (my mistake... sometimes i forget that my "good" ideas are not the same as other's "good" ideas... actually, it is the converse that is often true.)

Monday, March 14, 2011

spunky monkey

upon beginning a portrait session with a child of any age, i like to share one "rule," and it is not with the child, it is with the parent. i like to ask them to relieve themselves of any expectations that they may have in regards to how their child will "perform." children will simply be children, regardless of the weather, the outfit, or the direct orders from parents. we, adults, are not strictly here to teach them, they are here to teach us too. this young, spunky monkey was quite a character. she gave her mom fits, and i only hope that her mom eventually saw through the silly faces and such to the natural beauty of this kid being a kid. i learned something on this day... amen.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

son of a rockstar

on this particular afternoon, i breezed by this convenient baseball field as i was on my way home with my two girls, lucky to spot some folks outside before i made it home (for dinner, clean-up, girls-to-bed, etc.) as i approached, i thought that i recognized the coach, but was not going to say anything because it seemed implausible... he looked like the keyboard player from a party band that played consistently through the late eighties and nineties. this was a band that supplied many young folks an opportunity to be ridiculous... the male lead singer usually wore a skirt, maybe a tie for a belt, and he was fun and outrageous in his style of performing, and very entertaining. anyway, the keyboard player now is a little league baseball coach, and it seemed so surreal, but it was very real, and i loved it. i told him as he offered up his child to be sacrificed at the alter of this project that i would need a parents' signature... he said that the boy was his, and that he would be willing to sign the form. so, from there, i shot the photos of this child that was maybe not completely sure why a stranger was taking his picture before practice, and i handed the form to the coach. when i saw the signature, and the last name, i knew that he was the "iconic" keyboard player for that quirky, unforgettable, party band... and i let him know. i'm not sure that he was expecting me to place him, and he shrugged it off in a slightly uncomfortable manner, but also with a slight sense of quiet pride. and then, we both moved on to our respective tasks. "play ball."

Monday, March 7, 2011

canadian bar-b-que king

after photographing the wedding in northern ohio, the next morning, i hit the road by myself for a quiet nine hour drive back to nashville. in the span of ten days, i had flown to hawaii, photographed a wedding, body surfed, etc., flown home, spent two days regrouping, then caravanned to upper ohio, photographed another wedding, celebrated, and then again... on the road... it was good to be alone on the road. i knew that i wasn't going to see many people on this particular day, and that was good for me, but a challenge for this project. so, nearing nashville, i stopped at a rest stop for a quick spot of relief, and as i strolled back to the car, this gentleman move toward me, having come from a large trailer with a specific logo on it. so, i propositioned him for my project and he easily obliged. he was on his way to southern tennessee, i believe, for a bar-b-que cook-off... having hailed from canada. it was a fascinating concept for me to consider... there is a bbq subculture that i am not very familiar with, but i would thoroughly enjoy sampling for a weekend. maybe, if i am ever up north of the border, i will have to call upon him to place my order.

Friday, March 4, 2011


i will never claim that this project/blog is about "pretty," but if i were to have a vote to cast for prettiest portrait, this bride of my brother-in-law might likely get that vote. needless to say, she was a little more "prepared" for portraiture, and it being her wedding day and all, with the glowing all around her and whatnot... she had a hand up on most of the competition. but, still... pretty. so, this wedding was one week after the wedding that i photographed in kauai, and it was held in a tiny town in northern ohio that few of us have ever heard of, i'm sure. i thought/assumed that it would be "quaint"... special in it's own simple kind of way, and i was right and wrong. it was special in a simple way... the way that is honest, natural, historic, enormous, spirited, and beautiful. it was the peak of autumn, and we arrived into town at sunset, and the colors exploded all over the rolling hills and pastures, and then a storm passed through and threw a full double rainbow on the sky like some photoshopped magic... holy glory. anyways... this bride-in-law (or something like that,) was a treat to photograph, a true natural... madly in love, ecstatically happy, ready to begin the new adventures of being married. aside from the fact that she went the entire wedding/wedding photo session without her bouquet, everything was perfect... note to self: if the bride forgets her bouquet, let her know that she forgot her bouquet. luckily, it was not an essential part of the event... traditional, yes... pretty, yes... but not essential. so, the show went on and it was lovely, a "perfect," occasion, and the homemade pies were out of this world. this marked my third wedding to photograph solo, and it was a treat. thanks to all of the supporting cast that helped make this possible: the bride, the groom, their families (especially the bride's brother who served as my assistant at times,) mother nature for the set design, the old schoolhouse, the sun for it's light, and lastly, love (awwwwww,) for bringing this woman and her husband together.