Thursday, March 31, 2011

deep in the middle of heaven

i have not posted here in over a week, and it sends a couple of messages to me that i will refrain from sharing with you (just to keep some things a mystery.) anyway, the project is still rolling along at it's usual pace: one portrait a day and some blogging every week (usually.) i am still posting on photos taken in october, and the span of time between the two does seem to have some effect on my blogging. it would be nice to be up to speed and posting on the photos that i am now shooting, but that's just not the case... and october still has much beauty to offer. so, here we go, and we will start with the freshest of faces, a little girl that is only a couple of months old, and deep in the middle of heaven. that really is "heaven on earth," cuddled up, sleepy, in the bosom (and i don't mean "breasts," i mean the loving care and protection.) of a loving momma. i'm pretty sure that when i die, it is not "streets of gold," that i will want, but one eternal swaddle in the bosom of "heaven."

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