Thursday, March 10, 2011

son of a rockstar

on this particular afternoon, i breezed by this convenient baseball field as i was on my way home with my two girls, lucky to spot some folks outside before i made it home (for dinner, clean-up, girls-to-bed, etc.) as i approached, i thought that i recognized the coach, but was not going to say anything because it seemed implausible... he looked like the keyboard player from a party band that played consistently through the late eighties and nineties. this was a band that supplied many young folks an opportunity to be ridiculous... the male lead singer usually wore a skirt, maybe a tie for a belt, and he was fun and outrageous in his style of performing, and very entertaining. anyway, the keyboard player now is a little league baseball coach, and it seemed so surreal, but it was very real, and i loved it. i told him as he offered up his child to be sacrificed at the alter of this project that i would need a parents' signature... he said that the boy was his, and that he would be willing to sign the form. so, from there, i shot the photos of this child that was maybe not completely sure why a stranger was taking his picture before practice, and i handed the form to the coach. when i saw the signature, and the last name, i knew that he was the "iconic" keyboard player for that quirky, unforgettable, party band... and i let him know. i'm not sure that he was expecting me to place him, and he shrugged it off in a slightly uncomfortable manner, but also with a slight sense of quiet pride. and then, we both moved on to our respective tasks. "play ball."

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