Monday, March 7, 2011

canadian bar-b-que king

after photographing the wedding in northern ohio, the next morning, i hit the road by myself for a quiet nine hour drive back to nashville. in the span of ten days, i had flown to hawaii, photographed a wedding, body surfed, etc., flown home, spent two days regrouping, then caravanned to upper ohio, photographed another wedding, celebrated, and then again... on the road... it was good to be alone on the road. i knew that i wasn't going to see many people on this particular day, and that was good for me, but a challenge for this project. so, nearing nashville, i stopped at a rest stop for a quick spot of relief, and as i strolled back to the car, this gentleman move toward me, having come from a large trailer with a specific logo on it. so, i propositioned him for my project and he easily obliged. he was on his way to southern tennessee, i believe, for a bar-b-que cook-off... having hailed from canada. it was a fascinating concept for me to consider... there is a bbq subculture that i am not very familiar with, but i would thoroughly enjoy sampling for a weekend. maybe, if i am ever up north of the border, i will have to call upon him to place my order.

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