Wednesday, June 2, 2010

a night of four no's

before yesterday, only one person had rejected my request for a photograph, and i discovered later that because he was in his army uniform, he could not, by law, be photographed. i was possibly getting proud of this average/success rate... oh, pride. four women turned me down last night within the span of an hour. the first was a woman sitting in her car in the library parking lot near the playground. evidently, her child was playing and she was watching after her/him. not as evident, but possible, was that this woman was about to pass out... pure motherly exhaustion or a drug related situation??? either way, she was beautifully human in that car. the next woman was on a break from work at a grocery store... she hardly looked up to say, "No, thanks." so, the sun was setting, i was getting anxious about the fading daylight, and i began to feel the creeping up FAILURE of this project. how funny when an old wound smarts like that. this time though, i would not go crawling away... but then two more innocent women were weary of my request and left me standing in a parking lot without a portrait. the defeat was almost imminent. i have only been doing this for three and a half weeks... i knew it was way too early to just miss a day. so, i called my wife for support, and she simply stated, "Don't come home without a portrait." well... i strapped on my new attitude and quickly made my way to a local coffee shop that i frequent, and i was quite confident that one of the employees would be delighted to strike a barista pose for me. i was saved by a star-----.

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  1. women...can't live with'em, can't take their portrait.