Monday, June 7, 2010

hosiery, drapes, and the quadratic equation

well... i have taken some days off from posting, and now i am back to begin the challenge of catching up with myself (on this project/blog.) i am posting photos from may 19th and 20th, and i hope that by the end of next week, i will be able to post in "real time," or very close to it... meaning i want to post about the photo taken that day or the day before. anyway... we'll see how that goes. so... these beautiful humans were gracious enough to accept the role of subject for my project, though, the woman repeated several times that she "does not photograph very good"... i have to disagree. i think that she is another perfect image for this project. she has been making drapes for a long stretch of years, and she has done so in a building where women made hosiery in the 40's. i would like to believe that she channels the spirits of the hundreds of women who came before her in that building to fabricate good product... if you need some drapes, let me know, and i will steer you right; if you doubt me, look again at the photos. the young little man was kind enough to let me paint his bedroom when i was in need of some paying work... thanks, kid.
by the way, the night after the night of four no's, i collected five more... again, all of them women. i am presently seeking a resolution to my predicament, and i am thinking that it may involve logarithms, the quadratic equation, or complex mathematical proofs. but, for now, it is a good challenge to push through, and that is the reason i turned my attention to a new profession... i really needed the challenge. funny, how we get what we need.

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