Monday, June 14, 2010

no's, a collector, and a mother of 3 girls

the night after "the night of four no's," i collected five more. i had been at home all day with my 2.5 year old who was sick, so, i did not see anyone to photograph all day, and my wife was gone that evening doing a variety of wife things... she returned around 10:45, and after chatting for a bit, i was out the door to snare a nighttime portrait. i had an idea: my friend works at a bar, and i was sure that someone there would be willing (or drunk) enough to be a part of this project. to my and my friend's surprise, the bar was sparsely populated... but there were two women having a drink at the end of the bar, and they looked "approachable." so, i made my way to their perch and gently approached, pitched my pitch, and then received the look and rejection that i feared. following comments let me know that they were mother's... drinking, smoking, and hanging out at a bar near midnight on a wednesday, and i got the impression that they wanted no documentation of their "transgressions." so... i watched as several new groups of people entered the bar, and some others left; time was becoming a concern. a gathering of three women and one gentlemen sat at the other end of the bar; the three women were curious but unwilling, the guy was gung-ho (and lucky me because it was after 11:30.) he later told me that he is a photographer of sorts... so, he understood my mission. two of the women did assist me in my investigation into the dynamics behind my approach, and how i had so quickly collected nine no's. i have stored the data, and though i have not used the information gained that night, i don't believe that i have been "rejected" since then (knock, knock, knock.) the well dressed gentleman with the moustache and pink handkerchief is a friend and a collector of my artwork... he also happens to be the interior designer who did my parents living room in 1972. i could probably go on about a variety of facts or stories about him, but it is late, and this post is long; he is a classic. the woman pictured last is the wife of the guy who i was with when i first drank a beer (the summer between 6th and 7th grade.) she is also the mother of three girls... bless her heart. i think that instead of "Holy cow!" i may begin using, "Mother of three girls!!"... it really seems to express that awe.

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  1. the sunken living room, the flocked christmas tree, the "this ain't your granny's" dining room table, good memories. keep up the good work - the rejection stories are just as much a part of the "interestingess" of the project -
    don't leave out the no-thank-yous.