Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i was in heaven

this wonderful woman caught my eye one day as i was leaving a coffee shop... the sunlight lit her dreaded hair up like it had been spotlit. and then, a most beautiful thing happened for this guy with a streak of striking out while trying to get a portrait of a woman... she happily said, "Hello." i responded with my usual, "Howdy," and i walked about six more steps before i realized what was about to happen. i turned on a dime and made a direct approach, i popped the question, and she was as open as she could be to my proposal. i had to get my camera from my car, and she headed to her car in the garage... i proceeded to the garage area and began to check the lighting. next, she called out to me from the back of the parking lot, and as she moved closer, she mentioned that she had to put on a little lipstick... perfect. she was fired up. in her eyes was the look of a woman who knew she was worth a photo shoot, and this was that moment, and she was not going to hold back anything. so... a simple door in a garage, painted black... how could that be dramatic enough for this woman so full of life? well... i trusted my instinct, and that is where i led her for the first photos, and i could hardly be more pleased. the lighting, her skin, her hair, her eyes, her teeth... the lipstick... gold heart earrings... a studded star??? what more could i have asked for from her??? well... after we moved to the brick wall backdrop, she asked me, "Can i do this?" and then she posed. i was in heaven.

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  1. Great shots. I hope you got her contact info because you might want to shoot her some more.