Friday, June 11, 2010

shoes to fill

here is a man that is filling big shoes. he is working the land of his father's farm... a father that was nearly killed last year in a terrible car wreck. this man grows my lettuce and probably about fifty other foods that i will enjoy in my CSA this year. he helps feed countless people, and he and his family do it with such grace and large hearts. i am very grateful for his/their willingness to share the fruits (and herbs and vegetables) of his/their labors. their monster kale might actually be bulletproof.
i photographed the boy with the red balloon right after dinner... he and his mom and sister had just returned home from the grocery, and while mom cooked, we hung out on the porch. he really seemed to enjoy the attention of me and the camera... he performed with the balloon until dinner was ready, and i think that i heard him mumble something about me staying the night with him. he has his own shoes to fill, and i think that he can do it.
(update... these shots are from may 25th and 26th... i am still planning on being up to date by this coming friday, the 18th.)

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