Monday, June 28, 2010

friday saves the day

(i am still posting from the past... this portrait was done on 6/17)

i was at the in-laws lake house with my two girls and some in-laws, and we were taking an evening stroll on the lakeside road. the sun was going down, and i was beginning to get a bit anxious about finding a portrait. i didn't care much to drive into town to find some unexpecting kentuckian to photograph, and the neighbors are quite sparse on that stretch of road. a dog named friday had joined us on the walk, and i was beginning to think that she may grab the spot as the first non-human portrait of this project; she's plenty good looking... but, i really wasn't ready to concede to that just yet. then, driving up the road came the owners of that dog... the neighbors of my in-laws. they are a very friendly couple, and he exited the car to get the dog in, and stayed to talk for a bit. my cohorts were eager to assist me in my time of need, and so they did their part to usher me into the conversation to deliver my pitch. the neighbor took the bait with an eagerness that really makes this easy. so, i pulled him into the last splash of sunlight that was being filtered through the trees, and he did his thing... sadly, i missed the shot when he did a classic tandem flexing of the left bicep and the right tricep with a slight sideways bend at the waist. he's a great character.

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