Tuesday, June 8, 2010

him and him

this wonderfully haired gentleman makes his own concert t-shirts... all of them utilize the same template as seen here, and they all reference performances from the late fifties and early sixties. he expressed to me that vietnam interrupted his music career, but i don't think that his music ever really died (i see notes and chords swirling around his eyes and hands.) he told a number of stories regarding concerts he witnessed in east tennessee, and had i not needed to leave, i think that he could have shared plenty more. he was a bit curious as to why i would want his picture, but (evidently,) he quickly grew very comfortable in the role of "model." this color photo is one of my favorites so far. the young "innocent," boy is my poster child for "boy." he is a very friendly lad with two older sibling and two younger ones... learning the ways of the "peacemaker" is a likely calling for this charming soul.
(it is becoming more obvious to me that it is because we are "different" that we really are the same.) i know, i know... maybe a little "can't we all just get alongish for some," but ... whatever.

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  1. Dane, I am loving seeing all of these portraits. What an amazing idea and your photographs are fabulous! I am quite impressed!!!

    jenny perkins