Saturday, June 12, 2010

good people

i used to work with this woman at Basantes (a most delicious "Italian" restaurant that everyone who knows it wishes was still open... sweet potato ravioli with a walnut basil cream sauce; so good.) i surprised her one early evening, stopping by her house with a request to photograph her... she immediately tried to offer up her husband... i did not accept the offer. well... she fidgeted with a "flower," trying to warm up to the concept of posing for a portrait... she then went into the hiding of the eyes thing... which actually made for a great photo, and then my daughters helped me out and performed for a while to provoke much smiling and laughter.
memorial day weekend, this regal 91 year old, who survived being run over by a car in a sledding accident as a child, proved to still be near the top of his rummy game by pouncing on a handful of unsuspecting, younger, cardslingers. his rummy table name is "swordfish."

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  1. The blog is coming along nicely - as are the portraits. Keep it up friend, I know how un-fun blogging can be!