Thursday, July 1, 2010

- oh, canada.

this wonderful woman did me a big favor on this particular monday morning... she began a conversation with me while we waited on our coffee drinks of choice. she was in town from canada to see her daughter perform at the legendary bluebird cafe (pure motherly dedication,) and she asked me about the hardwood floors in the cafe, and if the flood had caused them to "cup." a recent experience had informed me on the cause of this cupping, and so i was able to pass on a little bit of knowledge, and sneak right up to the threshold of the day's portrait. she was possibly caught off guard, not expecting such a query about hardwoods to lead to an impromptu photo shoot, but she was also not too surprised. evidently, she has done her share of modeling, and it was not unheard of for a complete stranger to ask to photograph her. so, i ran out to the car to get the camera, and i think that she took the opportunity to apply a little bit of make-up. her silver and beads, swimming pool blue dress, fair skin, and blonde hair were a perfect complement to the dark wood panels on the wall... and so i guided her to the spot by the window. the shoot was quick and effortless... she had done this enough to know what she wanted to show, and it was exactly what i needed. before she knew it, i had captured enough shots to call it quits... and she commented that she had never done such a quick shoot. then, we talked like old friend for about fifteen minutes about an array of our (similar) interests. she was a delight to meet.

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