Tuesday, July 20, 2010

blink. blink. blink.

this little woman does a big job at my grandfather's/mother's restaurant (which has been in business for 73 years.) she works the line at the open grill... she garnishes and readies the plates to be served to the hungry. she has a funny little nervous habit when the camera is directed at her... she blinks and blinks and blinks. often that might spoil a good picture, but i think that it garnishes such a project as this; it adds flavor... like a side item to a sandwich. i am grateful for the help that she gives my mom.


  1. The last photo, the wide one, is the best yet from this project in my humble opinion. Her smile is genuine. But the framing of the counter and the metallic lines of the back of the kitchen and the vent are fantastic. The colors of her skin and the prep counter and the reflections in the background all compliment each other. My favorite indeed.

  2. thanks, bryan... she was quite genuine, and the restaurant is a perfect set for some good photos.