Sunday, July 11, 2010

gratitude for two

i like thai food... a lot. this friendly face is in charge of one of my favorite thai restaurants (i think that his brother, or cousin, runs my other favorite.) again, this was a simple portrait. i met my wife at the restaurant on a night when our little ones were away at the lake house... an impromptu date after work. i needed a portrait in a serious way, because we had rented two movies, and i wanted nothing to do with much besides going home after dinner and settling in with my lady friend. when i arrived at the delicious eatery, i was quite confident that i could convince one of the employees to pose for this project, i was just not sure which one it would be. and so it goes, that the first person to greet me, as is often the case there, was this warm gentleman... beaming with gratitude that we were there again to invest in his establishment. i am grateful for his khao phad.

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  1. this was our favorite restaurant when we lived in Nashville (we could walk there- bad! bad!). We LOVE Siam Cafe!!!!