Monday, July 19, 2010

knock, knock neighbor

Well... it was ten till seven on july 2nd, and me and the family were ten minutes away from our departure time (to go to West Virginia to see family for the weekend,) but i did not yet have a portrait... i was not very interested in seeking one on the road in the middle of the night (in the middle of kentucky.) so, to the dismay of my wife, i strolled out the back door to solicit a neighbor or two. the first was just about to get in the shower and did not feel at all right about the way she was looking. the next, thank godness was open enough to be politely pursuaded into "modeling" for me. she was in the process of cleaning out her daughter's pool, and she probably didn't feel ready to be photographed, but i thought that her shirt was perfect, and she seemed to be very happy at the moment... and it shows. she talked and carried on through the "shoot," and she spoke of how she doesn't really like to look at the camera when she is photographed... i think that she has learned how to pose herself just right (not looking at the camera); she did a great job. i think that her spirit took to shining for this project, and i am extremely pleased with the photos and the willingness of a neighbor to help a neighbor.

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