Thursday, August 12, 2010

twitch, sweat, shine

i had the pleasure of escorting this young man through the rings that he had to jump to pull off his first "one-man show." he put together an art exhibit of large-scale expressive graphite portrait "paintings" at my studio/gallery threesquared several weeks ago, and he succeeded in all ways. he was extra successful at the pre-show anxiety, and it was a thrill to watch him twitch and sweat his way through the mire. he postponed the show once, and he knocked at the door of doing it again, but i helped pull him out of the standard self-doubt, and he, at the latest moment possible, shone like a professional art star.


  1. please tell him how much I enjoyed his pieces (via your photos). amazing!

  2. was fun to meet him and see him tonight post-Basquiat movie at Belcourt