Sunday, August 15, 2010

a man, a motor, and a cause

this is one of the best finds yet for this project. i had to pick up a mirror for a client in east nashville, and as i drove up to the storefront that looked as though it had become one with the surroundings, there beside it was another similar "shop"... and this man sat on guard in front of it... like he was one with his surroundings. there is a train track that runs right above the shop (up, and to his left.) this small engine repair shop has been inherited by this man because his buddy passed away about a year ago, and two daughters were left behind as well, and needed help. he doesn't live in nashville, but he comes here often enough to make sure that the store and the girls are keeping afloat; he is a kind-hearted man out there taking care of as much as he can. again, it pleases me deeply to know that this kind of sacrifice is taking place out there in the world (so close to home.)

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