Friday, August 13, 2010

again... "parking lot hero"

this guy is one of my "parking lot heroes." if nighttime comes, and i have yet found my portrait of the day, things can get a little challenging (of course, in this challenge is where the personal growth occurs, so it is good, even if it doesn't feel so.) going out at night to find a willing participant for this project sort-of reminds me of my bachelor evenings out on the town... those were nights full of several varieties of pain and hopelessness... these days, the barriers built between me and those that i don't know sometimes feels like a fear filled chasm of unbridgeable silence... (whoa. deep.) anyways, i would much rather have my portrait of the day before the darkness comes, so, that is why this subject is a "parking lot hero." i caught him at sunset with his shirt aglow as he was walking towards his car that was very near this crape myrtle. he was as willing and as pleasant as a human could be. he has just recently been involved in his first professional photo shoot for his first solo album. i think that his recent experience set him at ease with little ole me in the parking lot. he is a backup singer for one of nashville's big stars, and he was just about to hit the road on some tour dates; glad that i caught him in the light.

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  1. Dane,

    Marice's pictures were great. Glad to see an old friend of mine.

    Kevin Line