Sunday, August 29, 2010

the light of Fate

this guy here is the lucky gentleman that i chose to sell me a new car... and he was extra-lucky, because it was the last hour of the last day of the month, and the lot needed to sell one more car to reach their quota... 110 cars in the month. they were at 109, and this salesman was one of two outside as i randomly pulled into the dealership one night on my way out to dinner (my wife had left with the kids that day to visit my in-laws at the lake house.) the lot was right around the corner from my favorite indian restaurant, and we had been intending to stop by there to see if they had the color and model of the car that we had decided to purchase. i was not at all trying to buy a car that night; i was hungry. well, the salesman did not really need to do much to sell me that car (besides bend over backwards to try to help me get the right price.) he did hint at the fact that they really needed to sell another car to meet their quota, and i took it from there that they would likely be up for negotiating. it is not something that i have ever done much of, nor do i really care to do... and this car was for my wife, and she was not there, and it felt so wrong, but then it seemed so Divine, so i went with the flow. next thing i know, after a quick test drive, we are playing with the numbers to see if we can "make it work." over the course of the next hour (i grew very hungry,) we found a way to make it work. it was a very long process to get to manageable numbers, but several calls to my lake house wife, and some well positioned emoting (along with a very wise sales manager,) and it all fell into place. we would buy that car at a price we could afford, and, evidently, the staff at the dealership would all receive bonuses and celebrate with a party thrown by upper management for selling over one hundred cars in a month for the first time in three and a half years. my lovely wife and i showed up two days later to pick up the car, and i have a feeling that they love/hate us... i believe that they lost some money on that car, but, reaching the quota took precedence that saturday night... and you just can't stop the light of Fate when it shines down upon you.

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