Wednesday, August 18, 2010


within this project there are most likely some themes that we could list if we wanted... i don't really want to, but, i will say that this happy guy is part of the group of "birthday portraits." he was blissfully romping through his surprise/not surprised party when i roped him into taking part in this project... i don't feel/it doesn't look like i took any of the bliss away from his moment. --- i have found that most people are generally (if only internally,) flattered when i ask if i can photograph them. it is a beautiful thing to watch someone transform themselves into their photo-ready-self on the spot. thinking about this sort-of pulls at my heart and mind... does this project instill some tiny sense of "worthiness" to the subjects? that would be a huge bonus. --- this birthday friend gives a lot of himself, and the joy that seems to return to him glows on his countenance.

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