Tuesday, August 17, 2010

retired and never retired

well... the young man in the polo shirt went to the same high school as i did, and from what i remember, he did not get most likely to succeed... but, he has already retired once (on the tons of money that he made during the real estate boom - flipping houses, selling farms, etc.) now, he is in the process of coming out of retirement in the form of another business that he is starting. he also owns a farm in williamson county and about 47 animals, buffalo included, and he and his girlfriend (maybe, just his girlfriend,) want to get a camel. he lives on a piece of property where seeing a camel with some buffalo would surely draw an investigative eye. he seems to have plenty of success so far. the other portrait is of a gentleman who was in town from new york for an art opening of his work... as an artist, i imaging he will not retire. what i know of the truly creative people, they do not retire; they die doing what they love, which hopefully at some point in their life, becomes their paying work. this artist is involved in a lot of teaching, curating, and creating... and for this show, he turned yarn into fine art; quite an accomplishment... a success.

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