Monday, August 9, 2010

mommy - (3 months of us365)

well... today marks the three month point of this project, and i am thoroughly pleased with the experience so far... only nine months to go. it has been such a joy to photograph neighbors and strangers alike, and to assemble what has become quite a beautiful tapestry of individuals' portraits. the stories that accompany the photos have added depth and more beauty to a project that was intended to be a simple exercise to force me to take more photos. i hope that you all are getting at least half as much enjoyment out of this project as i am, and i appreciate all of you that are following along with the adventure.
now, what better way to celebrate this anniversary than to post a portrait of the woman who made me (flanked so happily by the ones that i helped make;) the only portrait with extra people. i took this picture during my mom's two week vacation (from the restaurant that she owns and operates.) her radiance is tripled in this photo due to both the proximity of the two terrificly joyful granddaughters, and the number of days that she has been away from the restaurant. she, at nearly 70 years old, can still out-work most of the people that i know... and i'm not necessarily saying that is a good thing, but it is something. she is a very determined human being, a giver, a sacrificer, and one unconditionally loving mother _______. my life has certainly been much affected by her and the life that she has led, and for this, i am extremely grateful. life is good.
(and i will bend the "rules" a little here by posting a portrait that was not taken on the same day as the "portrait of the day"... alongside the portrait of the day.) these photos are from july 15th; i may just change things up a bit after today and start posting the most recent portrait, and fill in with the ones from the past... or, i'll do whatever feels right. who really cares?

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