Tuesday, August 3, 2010

heirloom tomatoes and a portrait

this lovely subject was part of one of my favorite shoots so far ... by the way, the "shoot" consists of me situating the subject in a spontaneous composition, usually within about three feet of where i find them, and snapping off 10-20 shots within a 3 minute time frame... not to give away all of my big secrets. so, i had just bought a handful of beautiful heirloom tomatoes at a local produce stand, and i was also shopping for my portrait, because i had noticed the wonderful light illuminating the stripes of the tent, and i was hoping to utilize it as my backdrop... and then, there in the checkout line was this complementary colored gal and her man. the purple shirt and blonde hair worked wonderfully with the colors of the setting, and she and her man were both very cordial during my pitch. she seemed to quickly get into the role of model... one who was just recently tatooed. i still don't know if she plays basketball.

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