Sunday, August 22, 2010

rock star mulch mover

i received word today from an inside source that the subject shown here has been getting anxious about when his photos would be posted on this silly blog. well... here you go. he was a rock star in the 90's, i think, but i know him mostly as the father of one of my daughter's preschool pals, and most notably, the chair of the building and grounds committee for the preschool (a co-op.) these photos were taken on one of the high 90 degree/90% humidity days after we transferred the displaced rubber mulch on the playground to spots that had been worn thin by the 40, or so kids who use the facility. he has been an excellent chairperson for the committee... leading countless adventures in this very act of shoveling displaced mulch (and gravel.) as his son is no longer at the preschool, this legend will be sadly missed, and i can only hope that the new chair is as noble and hardworking as he. after two years of studying under his leadership, it is possible that i am up for the position... it would be such an honor... and what a great addition to my resume.

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