Monday, April 16, 2012

waiting, fingernail painting

during this project, there have been certain folks who had to be included... they are the people that sort-of magically look the perfect way in the perfect place. out of the three hundred and sixty -four people that i photographed, there were no more than two dozen of these people. here, at the bus stop is one of those top tier subjects. i was in the flow of traffic after having picked up my daughter from school, and i was fifty yards from the entrance ramp to the interstate. i was picking up speed to keep up with the stream, and there, at the bus stop... BOOM! colors galore... unfamiliar colors in combination, and i was caught. there was one second to decide, and i decided and pulled out of the swift current of cars and made my way to the side of the road, and then i proceeded to reverse a bit to get nearer the destination. as i approached, i could tell that she was extremely occupied with the task of painting her fingernails while standing, waiting for the bus. i was an unexpected guest in that moment, but she conceded, paused from the task, and let me capture her and all the colors. there is a beaming from within... i will not use simile or metaphor... they would fail.

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