Wednesday, April 4, 2012

twice in a back yard

sometimes, the portrait was right there in my back yard... and, lucky for me, i sort-of have a handful of back yards. the gentleman here was one of a group of about nine masons who were gathered outside their meeting place, which is just behind my studio. as i left the studio on my way home on this particular morning, i spied these white coated men bathed in sunlight, and it was a no-brainer to turn the car and head straight for the gathering. as expected, they looked at me with deep curiosity as i stepped out of my car with my camera... and, as expected, one of the group quickly emerged as the go-to guy for my proposed project. there is always one in the bunch, and this guy came through with poise and pride. having the coat on surely added to the "attitude," and the only challenge he seemed to have was not breaking his seriousness as his buddies threw comedic quips his way. the next back yard discovery was behind the back yard at my in-laws. i was there celebrating several of the five birthdays that fall within the span of four weeks. as we were out on the screened-in porch eating cake, this girl strode by trying to keep her busy friends in line. although she was obviously on a walk, she didn't seem too bothered with my stopping her... and i did keep it brief. so, if you ever need a portrait in a pinch, don't forget to check the back yard... there is likely one there waiting.

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