Thursday, April 12, 2012

caffeinated community

coffee shops are not just for coffee, they are for community. it has been this way for centuries with establishments of this variety. there is a deep need within humankind (well, at least with some of us,) to commune with each other in public, shared spaces. getting "jacked-up" on caffeine is a thrill for many, and a powerful addiction for some. luckily for us, the addicts and thrill-seekers, over the past two decades, coffee shops have become easy to stumble upon, and easier to get exactly what you want when you get there. if there is not enough caffeine in your coffee, add a shot of espresso... still not enough, add another shot. you want your joe to taste like caramel, just add a shot of syrup. light roast, dark roast, yes, medium roast. you want a french press, get one. you want one inch for creamer, ask for it. you want your cappuccino one hundred and sixty degrees? that's possible. you don't want caffeine? get decaf. individualism abounds at your local coffee shop... a caffeinated freedom of expression.

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