Monday, April 23, 2012

pardon the interruption

during this project, i interrupted hundreds of moments that people were having while going about their business. i did my best to not force myself upon anyone who appeared to be "unavailable" in any sort of way. with this young man, i crossed a bit of a barrier, as he was experiencing a very quiet moment in a park, by himself, and probably his higher power. it seemed intrusive of me, but i went for it this time, partially because i was about to go home for the evening, and i did not necessarily want to get out again. also, the scene was perfectly lit by late afternoon light, and it was well composed by the elements of this particular park... and a sack full of something. he was genial and quietly responsive as i went about explaining my mission, and as you can see, he kept his calm composure, and i finished my job quickly and gave him back to his solitude.

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