Monday, April 30, 2012

three's company

so, i've only eight more days of posting on this blog, and though it will be great to move on to the next phase of this project that began almost two years ago, i will miss sharing the stories here. the people that i encountered were usually a joy to share a moment with, and these three were no exception. the lady with the dog was slightly frightened by me when i approached. i saw her out of a front window at my house, and the blue of her scrubs caught the late light just right. so, i quickly grabbed my camera and i walked out of my front door and tried to play it casual as i strolled down the driveway... trying not to look like some sort of stalking creep. unfortunately, i did resemble such a sort, and i could tell she was less than willing to be confronted. oh, well, we aren't always ready, but life comes anyways. she was a sport after i tore down several of the walls that she had built for protection... i did it gently and honestly. i intentionally spoke of my daughters who were inside getting ready for bed, and spoke of my wife and anything i could think of to paint me in a favorable light. evidently, she agreed to the terms of my proposal, and here she is, as she was, where she was... and it is good. the next gentleman was much easier to sell my bag of goods, as he is the father of a girl in my daughter's preschool. he was at the school at the same time in a misty drizzle, and the photos were quick and to the point. he also is the owner of a fairly new leather goods store in town that is the real deal. the last portraits were snapped at a nearby baseball park where throughout the spring and summer, hundreds upon hundreds of games are played and memories are made. the fur-lined hat is a classic addition to this collection. after i took several photos of this guy by himself, his girlfriend asked if they could get some pictures of them together, and though it is/was against the code of this project, i conceded... but they will not be included here. and with that, i bid farewell with under a dozen more people to post.

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