Sunday, April 8, 2012

client, friend

in my twelve years of painting interiors of houses, i had a lot of good clients... wonderful people that treated me to things like home made coconut cake, a civil war era rifle, unsolicited gratuities, etc. it was a great run on a mostly enjoyable career. i have since left that business and moved on to other endeavors, and i am all the better for the change. as i proceed in my new career, i do believe that there will come a day when i return to my former occupation to paint another bedroom or den or nursery. this will only happen for a select few of my previous clients, and this woman and her family are winners in that lottery for my paint services. i have painted in a couple houses for them, and i have watched as their family grew from husband and wife to a well balanced family of four with two girls and two boys. i have take portraits of them as i have professionalized as a photographer, and maybe one day i will get to paint a portrait for them. she has always been a most gracious, kind, and professional client, and i remain grateful for her and the others like her that kept me employed for a dozen years. i am also grateful that i will not be going to paint a house tomorrow.

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