Sunday, April 22, 2012

on the wings of dreams

this place is not just a music club, it is an institution, and it is sometimes the ultimate stepping stone for those musicians/songwriters trying to make their way into an extremely competitive industry. it has helped launch the careers of garth brooks, taylor swift, and many others in it's thirty year history. thousands more have made their way to nashville, stood in the infamous line, and given their all to try to get noticed by the right person in the evening's crowd. i caught this woman at the front of the line on an evening when someone's dream was up for grabs... i'm not sure if it was her night or not... i am honestly not sure if she was even singing that evening. i am eternally mystified at the synchronicity that is sometimes required to manifest a simple dream... and, then sometimes it is just dumb luck. first, though, you've got to have a dream.

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