Wednesday, April 4, 2012

lights out

they say that april showers bring may flowers, but i would also like to add that they also sometimes knock out power in city blocks... and sometimes worse, like flood a city. anyways, on a particular april evening, i ventured to a friend's house, who happens to live nearby, and when i arrived at her house, it looked as though nobody was home. i rapped on the door several different times, and then as i decided to leave, she arrived with her two sons and husband. they were surprised to find the house without power, but, they were evidently prepared... even prepared to sit for a portrait. these are the kind of shots that make this project complete. not that i am not thrilled to capture a random stranger in a parking lot, but these types of quirky, extremely circumstantial moments round out the story that is told here with these images. this woman is the mother of one of the boys that has a piece of my oldest daughter's heart... it is a sweet connection between two young human beings. unfortunately, i just found out that they are moving to texas, and i am not ready to watch my daughter (who is under nine years old,) navigate the complicated waters of a long distance relationship. it may be a painful separation, but the heart's gonna break sometime... so, i will begin preparing the daughter.

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