Monday, April 9, 2012


one day, you may take a chance with a parking spot that is actually not a legal parking spot, but it probably should be legal, and even if it shouldn't be legal, the car should never get towed because it's actually not that terrible of an infraction... but the law is the law and this guy's job would get a bit boring if he didn't get to tow cars that are illegally parked, even if the car was only parked illegally for an hour or so just so you could run in and grab a quick bite of lunch on your lunch break that was shortened because your mom called and needed to vent about your brother and his girlfriend, and your first meeting after lunch is with the vice president of the company which could decide the fate of your job, but for the moment, the eighty dollar tow charge doesn't really cross your mind because you just deposited the most recent paycheck and you are quite sure that the V.P. likes you because just last week he mentioned what a great job you had done with the Anderson account, and he also complimented your boots...

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