Sunday, January 15, 2012

saint local taco

i am inspired by these photos to tell you a wonderful story about sainthood, but then i realize that i am too close to this subject to spin such fiction just to entertain here on the blog. he made a comment to me after seeing these pictures that he did not realize that others could also see the halo. this was at his birthday dinner last year, and he (obviously,) had a wonderful time with this photo shoot. the last photo actually looks like he is being filled with the Spirit... i'm just not sure if it is a Holy one or one with more demonic intentions... i'm also not sure what he was intending to communicate with this look. regardless, i think it makes for another wonderful addition to this collection of all sorts of people. i am lucky/honored to be the godfather to this guy's daughter... i would think with a halo like his, his offspring would not require backup help in the arena of spiritual guidance, but, what does a regular human like me know?

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