Monday, January 23, 2012


this woman is an art collector, and lucky for me, she collected a piece of my art. i painted her house a couple of years ago, and it was filled with paintings that she and her husband have purchased over the years. we discussed my work during the hours i spent painting the walls, and at the end of the job she asked me if i had anything that would fit anywhere in her house. there was not any room on her walls, ultimately. so, i told her as i would tell anyone, regardless of how much space is available, to come look at the gallery or the studio and fall in love with a painting. well, she showed up for an art show of mine before it even opened, and she reserved a painting, but not this painting. the reserved painting was cast aside after a couple of months, and i was let down that she wasn't going to house that particular piece. well, the "reason for everything," in this instance, was revealed some time later when she came across this portrait of abe on my website, and contacted me to tell me that she wanted to see it in person. that painting was hanging in my den, providing me, my family, and visitors at my house, much enjoyment; it fit perfectly. i didn't want to sell it. i had become attached. that specific notion, ironically, made my decision to "let it go" that much more natural. i have learned that attachments such as that would not serve me very well in the end, and that sharing the goodness would feel better than possessing that painting. besides, this client shares a birthday with abe; that was the final straw... and the fact that there is another painting that i am more attached to now. hahahahahahahaha.

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