Tuesday, January 10, 2012

no SAD here

usually, a nashville winter consists of countless days of cold, overcast dreariness that eventually sends most inhabitants to the brink of insanity. whether or not one is diagnosed with SAD (seasonal affective disorder,) by the end of most nashville winters, people are sadder than before the gray cold set in on the city. it wasn't always this way... we used to experience a moderate dose of snow. it was never a lot, but it was enough to give a child a sense of winter. lucky for some, my children and this young girl included, last year offered snowfall amounts to delight those who aren't too grumpy about snow. it nearly got the best of many parents, as metro schools closed for a full week once, and a handful of other days throughout the season. the madness was due to the unexpectedness of the particular precipitation. the snow created scheduling nightmares for some parents... some parents just went sledding.

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