Monday, January 30, 2012

bliss interrupted

exactly a year ago, i took a two day trip to my in-laws lake house to focus on an art proposal for my Ghosts and Hopes series. i knew that i needed to hide away for forty-eight hours to limit distractions, which is not at all to say that there were no distractions, and so i went to tiny town, kentucky. fulfilling the obligations of this project would be challenging. there are only a couple of neighbors nearby, and i photographed one at the beginning of the project. so, i had to find some time to crawl out of the hole that i went to the woods to crawl into, and i needed the excursion to be efficient in it's execution. luckily, not too far from the house is a small fishing spot, and though it was cold, there were enough subjects to choose from, and i think that i chose wisely. this boy was with his sister and father, and they may not have had a lot of luck with the fish, but i'm pretty sure that they didn't mind too much. the happy camper here sat on his perch with pure contentment... until i injected my will into his moment. i had to ask the father for permission to photograph the child, and whether or not the boy wanted to be interrupted, he was interrupted. i sort-of felt bad, but i could not let a little feeling stand in my way; the mission must be carried out in spite of feelings... like a trained assassin. anyways, my photos were quick and calculated, and he was soon free to get back in the saddle to sink away into more moments of childhood bliss. and i, having interrupted myself, went back to my hideaway; adult bliss.

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