Sunday, January 22, 2012

dusk with a hat

last year offered the snow enthusiast in nashville a little bit more than usual to cheer for, even if it did not amount to much compared to other cities' winters. on this particular "snow day," i don't think that i left the house, so i hunted the portrait of the day from the large bank of windows in my living room. towards the end of the day, when the ideal light graced our neighborhood, this unsuspecting walker caught my eye. so, i stepped out my front door, camera in hand, and strolled down the driveway. i noticed that the woman was casually trying not to notice me... or she was trying not to be noticed. gently, but confidently, i put myself in her path and waited. she did not u-turn. apprehensively, she greeted me as i began to step into my pitch. slowly, her guarded walls began to slip away, and i continued to share about my daughters and other things to paint me as a "good guy." well, as you can see, she bought the story and allowed me to capture the wonderful colors of winter and her hat. i am beginning to really enjoy the looking away but not on purpose portraits.

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