Tuesday, January 31, 2012


i have had the pleasure of knowing this man since i was in third grade... that's a long time to be connected to someone. he was my art teacher, and now he is my friend. i spent ten years studying art in his class, sometimes getting into trouble, and sometimes getting special treatment because i was artistic. eventually, he became my football coach. yep, art teacher and football coach. in many people's minds, these two specializations don't mix very fluidly. in my mind, they create a perfect balance... a very physical experience with football, a very spiritual experience in art. he taught and coached with genuine regard for his pupils, a true love for his students/players. he taught me how to correctly draw a face, a bull's skull, buildings in perspective, how to stretch a canvas, mix paint... many skills that i still utilize. on the football field, he taught me how to run a good curl route, how to defend a slant route, how to work with a team to achieve a goal, and how to lose with honor. i may not use all of these skills still, but participating in the game of life (winning, losing, whatever,) requires a code of sorts to do it well. without specifically teaching some lessons, i have learned much about living "right" by watching his example. after my father died when i was sixteen, i obviously needed a role model, and this wonderful human being has filled part of that position for over twenty years now. i may never really be able to thank him enough, or express what a blessing he has been in my life, but i will do my best... because that is what i have learned to do from this man.

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