Monday, January 23, 2012

... and on piano and vocals...

i first met this woman when i was a reckless young man of twenty or so. she was the "dispatcher" for a local food delivery company, and i was one of the drivers. she was a kindred spirit (and still is); we had our share of fun and jokes on the airways during working hours... of course, while doing a wonderful job at our job. she met a long-time friend of mine and eventually married. they moved to new york, then they moved to atlanta, i didn't see much of them, and then they moved back to nashville... full circle. somewhere in that scenario, i dated one of her close friends, learned some things, then separated. that woman not long ago succumbed to her fight with cancer. the portrait woman wrote a song about her. that song and many others are now being regularly performed (every several months,) locally. she puts on a wonderful show, and it is great to see someone doing what they love with so much passion. you can catch her at the basement this friday, the 27th. this woman is kind, sincere, fun, classy, edgy, talented, and full of life and love... a true treasure.

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