Saturday, January 28, 2012


this guy was likely the hardest sell that i had to make to someone that eventually agreed to participate in this project. my last line was something like, "alright then, i need to go find somebody that wants to be in this project." from the start, he wanted his photo taken (he is a performer,) but he didn't want me to get it easily. he put up all sorts of resistance... signing my release form was not appealing to him, as he seemed to want to own the rights to, not only his songs, but his image. as i was getting back into my car and dishing out my final pitch, he called out to me like some desperation song had crossed his heart, like he did not wish to be neglected again. i strolled back to his perch, and listened to his story and his song, and he posed the entire time. we played each other better than that guitar has ever been played.

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  1. That sounds exhausting, but your tenacity is inspiring.