Thursday, December 1, 2011

'tis the season

many folks out there can quickly turn the holiday season into a poop pile by laying the complaints on thick: "i can't believe they already have the christmas decorations out." "it's so commercialized it's disgusting." "if i hear another carol, i'm going to be sick." well, bah humbug to your bah humbug. yes, those complaints may have some merit, but the complaints are what i'm complaining about here.... and i believe that this subject would agree with me. he was so cordial and cool about my request for a portrait, that i just can't imagine him whining about such silliness as decorations being put out too early. please, if you find yourself about to complain about this type of issue, contact me, and we will find something much more proactive to do. happy holidays ya'll.

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