Wednesday, December 7, 2011

large cappuccino and a portrait

this young barista had no problem at all with the cappuccino that i ordered, but my request to take her portrait nearly made her as nervous as a pupil in the principal's office. she put up a wonderful fight by explaining to me her uneasiness with such things as my request, and she even tried to pawn me off on her coworker... i wouldn't have it. i could tell that she secretly wanted to overcome this fear in this moment and prove to herself, to me, and to the nine other people that read this blog, that she was camera ready. well, i think that she passed the test with flying colors... and one of those colors wass a deep berry red. past the shyness, she was as sweet as coffee-shop syrup in the pictured ten flavors, and i think that she actually enjoyed the experience... my, how fear is such a ruse.

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