Tuesday, December 13, 2011

no small task

not much more than an hour before i snapped this carpenter's portrait, he gashed his hand with a razor blade while trying to take care of a small task. he bled a lot, and then he went back to work. here, he is trying to frame out and level a structure that will support an oven hood... theoretically, another fairly simple task. except, you see, in business such as this, nothing is ever so simple. in the business, it is a known fact that most carpenterish jobs take twice as long and cost twice as much as estimated. for this carpenter, on this day, it went worse than even he would have expected. after the cut and the bleeding and the portrait, i left, and he proceeded to put his knee through the brand new glass topped stove (for about $350) that was perfectly positioned right below him. ultimately, nobody died, and the house didn't burn down. another day in the life.

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