Monday, December 5, 2011

christmas tree cocktails

one can pretty much buy anything these days, especially around the holidays. a douglas fir, a petit shiraz, a blue spruce, or a brandy alexander, a scotch pine, a tequila sunrise, a dirty tuaca??? i am continuously amazed. but, anyways, these two salespeople make a lovely pair of opposites... about as similar as a merlot is to a fraser fir. they do both fit perfectly among the other portraits, and that is the common denominator, and the great beauty of it all. my little family has purchased our tree from this gentleman for the last four or five years, and he is always a bit entertaining for my daughters... he could not be a kinder christmas tree salesman. the woman tending bar has a job at one of the best restaurant's in town. i have known her for about eight years or so, from when she worked for a different one of nashville's best restaurants... i guess she has a knack.

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