Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sawatdee Khrab

lucky for me, thai restaurants are open on christmas eve. this gentleman works at my very favorite one in town, and lucky for me, again, that it is near the place we tried to go last year that was on an hour and a half wait. their pad thai, masaman curry, kao phad, and everything else i have had there is wonderfully flavored and fresh. for the last eight years, i have gone with a group to begin the new year's eve celebration there, and they have never disappointed... except for maybe the time that i accidentally rubbed some of the hot sauce (that smells a bit like seafood or something,) in my eye and i couldn't see for five minutes. and, maybe that's not really something that they did that disappointed, so, their record is perfect. i will be back in about seven days, and i can't wait. it's actually so good, that i order two entrees just so i can experience more than one of their delights. mmmmmmm..... good. very good.

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